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I'm Tish Joyce and I live in Nairn in the Scottish Highlands, after moving from England to simplify my life and find balance. I've been inquisitive about the role that our mind, emotions, family, and personality play in our overall health since I was a child. As a GP, my Mum always instilled the importance of healthy eating and digestion and I loved the smells of turmeric, coconut and cinnamon in my Goan Grandma's cooking. I followed in their footsteps, developing a passion for healthy home cooking, and now as a healer. After having my daughter at eighteen, I continued to study and work full time, so finding the right balance was often elusive. I did everything to the max: work hard, play hard and exercise hard. I flew all over Europe in my corporate career and, as an extreme runner, ran solo across 6 countries - a marathon a day for 7weeks. I thought balance was being extreme in all aspects of life!

My passion for Ayurveda began almost 20 yrs ago, when I had a complete turnaround of my mental and physical health after treatment. I was fascinated by the idea that we can heal ourselves and learnt as much as I could. It was my granddaughter's recurring skin disorders, gastrointestinal issues and allergies that western medicine failed to remedy over 13 yrs, that made me finally decide to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner. I left the corporate world in 2021 to immerse myself in the full time study of Ayurveda. I've been fortunate to have been taught at the Ayurvedic Institute UK, by the only teachers in the West, with over 25yrs of continuous practice, and the driving force behind the growing awareness of Ayurveda in the UK. As a member of the Ayurvedic Institute UK, I continue to evolve my knowledge of Ayurveda, with continuous learning with Dr. Deepika Rodrigo. This video with Dr. Deepika Rodrigo, will give you some insight into my passion for Ayurveda.

Ayurveda can successfully treat many disorders, teaching us to find balance in all aspects of our life, to achieve optimum health. I've seen great successes recently with CFS, ME, fibromyalgia, depression, eczema, IBS, weight loss, anxiety, menopausal symptoms, migraine, joint disorders and many more. This has been a personal journey and I have never been happier or more balanced. Now when I feel imbalanced, I understand what I need to do to correct matters and relieve my symptoms. Ayurveda is my reason for being, and it’s a privilege to help others to heal themselves naturally. I seek to raise awareness of Ayurveda, whilst serving and healing others, I simply love helping people on their journey back to health and happiness. Simply, my aim is unravel the mystery of natural human self healing, to help you to resolve your physical, mental and emotional challenges. 

Slainte, Tish x



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