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Foggy Lake

Elaine Macleod 
Mar 23. Bookkeeper, Inverness
Anxiety, Food Intolerance

What an amazing experience with Tish, I've made some very important and welcome changes in my life due to her guidance and I have finally got my anxiety under control - I feel on top of everything - thank you Tish !! It's a long time since I've felt so well :)

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Corin Silva
Mar 23, Actor, London
Mental and Physical Health


Had an incredible time working with Tish for Ayurvedic consultation and Talking Therapy (via Zoom). She’s highly knowledgeable, lovely and empathic. Working with her has had a brilliant effect on my physical and mental health - especially her advice on different diets that suit my constitution. Look forward to our continued work together!



Cam Cairnduff
Jan 23. Film Director, London
Mental Health


Tish is awesome, I'm finally overcoming lifelong challenges, physically and spiritually.

Foggy Lake
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Shaunna Gould
Mar 23, Content Writer, Stone 
Inflammatory Skin Disorder

Tish has a warm energy, is attentive, honest and knowledgeable. She embodies the qualities you look for in an Ayurvedic practitioner. I was feeling very let down and hopeless after being on many different  treatments and waiting months to see a dermatologist while the skin condition got worse. I came to her when I was having a very bad inflammatory outbreak on my skin causing a lot of pain and discomfort. She was really busy but fitted me in and gave me something to help temporarily, then moved on to treatment later. In 3 mths. I feel like I can do things normally in my life again. I would recommend Tish to anyone, she is wonderful and reliable and has helped me so much - I'm truly grateful.


Mary McFarlane
Nov 22, Financial Advisor, Inverness
Stress, Migraines, Memory,Acidity

I am now 3 months into my Ayurveda journey and I continue to be amazed at how quickly I am feeling the benefits. Prior to visiting Tish, my symptoms included stress, memory loss, poor concentration, regular migraines, mood swings and daily headaches. I have seen a marked improvement, not least that I no longer take Omeprazole as my acid reflux has completely gone and I have reduced my Sertraline by 50%.I am very grateful to have been introduced to Tish and Ayurveda

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Kirsty Leese
May 23, Edinburgh
Infections, Low Energy & Holistic Health

Tish changed my life. I couldn't recommend Highland Ayurveda more! After just a few weeks of following the meticulously designed diet plan (so detailed and tailored to my individual needs) I already noticed a huge difference in my health and energy levels. I have developed healthier eating and lifestyle habits thanks to Tish that I hope to continue with forever. After a miserable year of repeated infections that I was unable to get rid of via the NHS, my ayurvedic plan has fixed everything! I've not had a single kidney infection since. Truly life changing.
Tish couldn't have been more kind, patient and professional in our sessions, she is truly a wonderful human and I cannot sing her praises enough!
Thanks Tish for bringing such goodness back into my life

Foggy Lake

Tracey Green
May 23, Retailer, Manchester 
Allergies, Anxiety, Palpitations, Lethargy

I have been working with Tish for some months now and for the first time in a couple of years I have finally started to feel like myself again. I was suffering from various symptoms including brain fog, lethargy, mood swings, heart palpitations, and anxiety, and many more. I am happy to say almost all of my symptoms have cleared up since since following the nutritional and lifestyle changes Tish recommended. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and feel now that Ayurveda is very easy to integrate into everyday life. Tish makes understanding it uncomplicated and treats you as a whole being. I highly recommend the Ayurvedic Marma Massage and Shirodhara head massage - they’re amazing!

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Chloe Gillespie
April 23, Financial Controller, Cawdor
Endometriosis, Mental and 

6 weeks in and I am starting to find myself again! Tish has been an incredible guide throughout my journey. I cant believe there is someone so dedicated to helping others discover their own ability to heal themselves, what a talent to have on our own doorstep.


Amanda Craig
Jan 23, Pharmacist, Nairn
General Health

Tish is friendly, warm and caring. She has created a lovely welcoming space which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Tish treats the whole of you and explains it all thoroughly so you fully understand. After just over 2 mths. , I am feeling so much happier, healthier and re-balanced. I have noticed improvements in my ailments and some have more or less disappeared which is wonderful! Thanks Tish for your help and guidance.

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Enya Marczak
June 23, Student 16yrs, Nairn
Mental and Emotional Health

I went to Tish a few months ago and am now beginning to go off my herbs. Over the months I have noticed changes in my physical health and emotional state, not necessarily as things change in my life, but because I deal with then a lot better and I have Tish to thank for that. Tish has been an amazing person to talk to and know, and she always listens. I’m so glad I went to her for guidance and I strongly recommend Highland Ayurveda.


Jeff Brooke
June 23, Journalist, Canada
Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain


Oct 22, Mum, Nairn
CFS / ME - IBS- Fibromyalgia 

I can honestly say that I feel like a different person 6mths on. Tish recommended a treatment plan which was very different to anything I've seen before, which felt like a total body, mind and heart scan - very holistic. After 10yrs of being a prisoner to ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia I am really enjoying being free of pain, nausea, exhaustion to my core and other symptoms which would swing from one extreme to another., I now feel liberated and much more in control of my own body, rather than wait and see what I could manage in a day. I also have confidence knowing that if any symptoms were to creep back in, I have a way of dealing with them as well as expert guidance form Tish. This has been life changing and I'm grateful for your attention, focus and support.  I have never received such a holistic treatment despite seeing various consultants over the years.

Foggy Lake

Andy Guest
Dec 22, Videographer, Stone
Inflammation, Stress, Emotional Issues.

Tish's professionalism and care shine through. I had a long history of inflammation and more recent severe health concern. She was able to give a totally thorough investigation into my mental, emotional and physical history of health, and clearly explain the process of healing. 2 months on and my conditions are all but gone and I'm feeling great, able to eat what I like and the problems of the recent past are behind me. Highly recommend - Thank you Tish.


Moira Duncan
Jan 23, Retired, Nairn
Osteoarthritis and 
General Health

I experience quite a lot of pain from osteoarthritis. Following an in depth assessment from Tish she advised use of an Ayurvedic massage oil. This I found to be very effective for pain relief in addition it doesn't have the side effects of making me drowsy which my conventional medicine does. Tish is a warm understanding person who listens to you and provides advice tailored to meet your needs


Joan McDonagh 
Jan 23, Retired, ForresDigestive Issues - General Health

In 3mths, I can honestly say I feel calmer, more relaxed, hot flushes and sweats have decreased, headaches have reduced and coeliac digestive issues improved considerably. Since my second massage I am much calmer, more balanced with a shift in energy and I am sleeping deeper, my circulation has improved and my diet is much healthier. I've now lost over a stone and am confident I will reach my ideal. I am extremely comfortable to discuss my problems with Tish, as she is very caring and professional and her calm nature made me feel at ease. She's obviously been trained by the best and her teacher must be very proud of what she has achieved! I feel lucky to have found her.

Foggy Lake

Lara Almond
Aug 22, Business Analyst, Southampton
Anxiety, Emotional Health

Tish has always been really approachable, calm and understanding.The main thing I found useful was that Tish really listened to me and helped me to open up. With her great life experiences she helped me to put things into perspective with recommendations that have helped me to get onto a good, balanced path for the future. The Treatment Plan she suggested was well rounded and specific to me, including exercise, diet, natural remedies and simple activities, such as breathing exercises, which I love and now take time each day, for myself to do this. I found the natural home remedies very effective too and still use them. Follow up sessions were great to check in on my progress and Tish was always encouraging and supportive.​
I feel much more healthy and have a better understanding of myself, and am so grateful I started with Tish. I would thoroughly recommend Tish as an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner.


Netty Moon
Jul 22, Support Manager, Elgin
Fibromyalgia, Tonsillitis, Migraine, IBS 

Jeanette had deteriorating health for over 10yrs which many approaches had failed to resolve. She was becoming increasingly frustrated and angry, with low energy After 3wks her confidence and happiness had shifted dramatically, she adopted a healthy eating regime and increased physical activities with Talking Therapy and herbal remedies. Her symptoms improved dramatically and she was able to cancel a planned tonsillectomy, stop taking painkillers and antacids. Jeanette says that she 'feels like her authentic self'.  She loves herself and is loving that her old clothes are already too big. Jeanette has a much better understanding of who she is and how the foods she eats affect not only digestion and physical health, but mental and emotional health too. She can see life much more clearly, with evident positive change in all areas.

Claire Jagger & Leon
Jan 23, Manager, Fochabers
igraine, Hot Flushes, Anxiety

Tish's compassionate and insightful approach makes Ayurvedic wisdom a million miles more achievable and effective. I will now always come to Highland Ayurveda when I need to. The care and detailed, tailored approach to the individual's character is absolutely spot on! I'm so grateful to have found Tish, she's working with my son and in a very short space of time, has completely understood him and joined the dots between body and mind. He feels supported, listened to and respected. Tish's suggestions are spot on and he's really empowered to follow the treatment plan and feel better. I can't thank Tish enough for her warm, sensitive and down to earth approach. She's really shone a light onto a tricky time. I highly recommend her. Excellent.

Leon said ' I feel more understood in one hour with you than I have in all the years with the NHS! Feeling such relief! '

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Jayne Thulborn
Aug 22, Bookkepper, Inverness
nxiety - Menopause - Insomnia

I'm so happy I was recommended to Tish..she has been approachable at every stage. I am feeling the benefits of her advice and guidance and she is such a lovely, caring and genuine lady. I look forwards to continuing my journey, living a healthier life and making the right choices. Keep up the great work that you do Tish :-) 


Dr.  Joe Anderson 
Nov 22, Researcher, NairnAnxiety, Eczema, Autoimmune

Tish is a fantastic Ayurvedic practitioner. I was amazed at how much attention she paid to all aspects of my health and lifestyle to work out the recommended changes. Since beginning the treatment, I have felt more energised and my autoimmune issues have calmed down. I would highly recommend getting in touch.


Rebecca Crespi 
April 22, Business Owner
eneral Health

This was my first time learning about Ayurveda. Tish took her time, really listened to me and explained things simply. It was so different to any experience I have had with Western medicine, as she wants to understand you wholly, as a person in order to treat you holistically and get you on a better path in life. My consultation caused me to reflect on my habits (good and bad) and elucidated some subconscious behaviours that have been affecting my health for many years, I'm excited to take this new approach to a healthier and happier life.

Foggy Lake

Helen Strong
Aug 22, Podcaster/Writer, Lewis
igestive Issues - General Health

The initial consultation covered may areas and I was confident in Tish's expertise to help me make immediate dietary change in order to experience both instant and long term results. the continued online support is also very helpful. Tish goes out of her way to make sure she provides the best possible service I'd definitely recommend Highland Ayurveda.


Heather Stevenson
Apr 22, Nairn
Long Covid, Anxiety

I felt immediately at ease with Tish, I felt I was listened to and understood! I’ve attended many doctor app over the last two years and always left feeling angry and frustrated! Recently had my 3 week review and can’t believe how much healthier I feel ! Tish is amazing !


Amanda Craig
Jan 23, Pharmacist, Nairn
General Health

Tish is friendly, warm and caring. She has created a lovely welcoming space which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Tish treats the whole of you and explains it all thoroughly so you fully understand. After just over 2 mths. , I am feeling so much happier, healthier and re-balanced. I have noticed improvements in my ailments and some have more or less disappeared which is wonderful! Thanks Tish for your help and guidance.

Foggy Lake

Sean Simm
Jun 22, Joiner, Nairn
Insomnia - Anxiety - Chronic Pain

Tish helped me to identify stressors in my life having a negative impact on my health, helping me to get rebalanced and feeling better. The herbal remedies were very effective for insomnia. I strongly recommend paying her a visit.


Matthew Herbert
Aug 22, Decorator, Nairn

I'd never heard of Ayurveda before I met Tish, but after our initial consultation she explained how it works and might help me. Her kind and nurturing personality put me at ease and her depth of knowledge is very apparent. 5wks in and I'm already noticing big improvements. Can't thank you enough!


Fi McManus 
Nov 22, Wellbeing Mgr. Dumfries
Anxiety - Digestive Issues

I found Tish warm and genuinely interested in helping me from our first chat. She clearly has a real interest and passion for understanding on a deeper level in order to improve people's health, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I going her very easy to talk to and very accomodating. The plan was extremely well thought out and bestpoke to my needs, she'd clearly put a lot of time and effort into this. I would recommend Tish to anyone wishing to explore Ayurvedic lifestyle changes in a heartbeat!

Foggy Lake

Erin Bray 
Feb 22, Project Manager, Southampton
Life Coaching - Anxiety 

You read about ways to find calm and change your life, but until you've spoken face to face with someone like Tish, it's hard to actually make positive changes. Tish is a legend! I trusted her from our first meeting, really personable and easy to talk to, and helped me open up and explore my past. I'm now more aware of my choices, and stick to the plan because I can see positive change in many areas of my life.


Dr. Oscar O'Duchon
GP, Harrogate 

I've been in medical practice as a GP for 25 yrs and can't recall anything like that happening. I have had thanks on several occasions for ''saving'' patients by picking up diagnoses etc, but changing someone's life in such a positive way is a different thing altogether. You are a born practitioner  Tish, I can see that very clearly.

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