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Eat, Taste, Heal

About the Recipe


Written by a physican, a patient and a chef, this is my favourite introductory book on Ayurveda that I recommend to patients that want a better understanding of how to heal themselves. It's often difficult to find Ayurvedic guidebooks to recommend, as many focus too much on defining your 'dosha' and then instructing people to follow strict rules. Ayurveda is not about that, and much of what you find on the internet is misleading. Ayurveda is more about identitfying your imbalance, such as being too hot (excess Pitta) and taking in natural substances to cool you (coconut milk or coriander water) or doing something to cool you (evening stroll, rather than a midday run in the sun). It really is that simple, and this guidebook explains it very well. Even better, it has some excellent recipes in which are easy to make for all the family.

I bought 10 and my patients have all loved it. It's a little pricey but i found second hand copies online for less than 1/4 price.


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