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Mum's Baked Apples

About the Recipe

Perfect for breakfast - super quick - and provides slow release energy for the day.


2 apples, ideally freshly picked, or organic, but any apples will do

Spinkle of cinnamon and a few cardomon pods

Some raisins

Maple syrup or honey


This takes no time at all, and I tend to put them in the oven before I go on my morning walk with the dogs. Simply chop the apples unevenly, place in ovenproof small bowl and add a little water, so they dont burn. That's it, pop them in the oven and carry on with your day. About 15-30mins later, depending how well backed you like them, take them out and either tip out a little of the water if too much, or leave it in as its nice and sweet. sprinkle over with cinnamon and riasins and anything else you like. I often add coconut flakes and a few chopped nuts. Dribble over a little honey or maple syrup and your good to go!

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