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Holistic approach resolves symptoms including coeliac, migraine, hot flushes and weight issues.

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Joan, from Forres, explains below, how she overcame her health issues in just 4 mths with a combination of lifestyle and nutritional advice, talking therapy, herbal remedies and healing Ayurvedic Marma massage. Joan was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2005 and suffered from gastritis, bloating, painful constipation and acid reflux. She had problematic hot flushes for 15yrs, frequent headaches and often felt angry and irritable. Her intense sugar cravings and emotional eating resulted in weight issues.

Just 4mths, her symptoms have all but disappeared. Read her words below...

Since first meeting with Tish at Highland Ayurveda in October 2022 I can honestly say I feel much calmer, more relaxed and my hot flushes and sweats have decreased considerably and headaches reduced considerably. My coeliac digestive issues have also almost disappeared, sweet cravings and emotional eating stopped, and through continued healthy food choices I have lost just over a stone and I feel confident I will reach my ideal weight. I am now only up once through the night instead of four times so I am having a much better sleep and awaken refreshed instead of wanting to stay in bed.

I’ve had a lot of gut and bowel problems in the past and Tish very quickly explained that I had a pitta / kapha imbalance, and that pitta is made up of fire and water. I tended to eat foods that were increasing the fire inside my body, exacerbating my digestive issues. I have now changed to cooling foods which has made a huge difference. Tish also recommended I take some herbs which has helped with my digestion, food cravings and sleep. Cooling, herbal oil applied to my temples instantly cures my headaches, which are much less frequent, and I have stopped taking painkillers.

After 2 mths of treatment, I went to Tish for an Ayurvedic Marma Massage, Pinda Sweda and Shirodhara, and I can honestly say I have never felt as relaxed. The room was very warm and inviting which made me relax immediately. I have regular massage but the technique used was different and I was pleasantly surprised how good it felt as the warm oil was poured over my whole body. Tish explained what each stage was and how it would help. I have never had the tapping and kneading strokes before and although it felt strange at first it actually made my body feel as though it was coming alive and almost dancing under her hands. The pressure and technique used were just right for me and it really relaxed my muscles very quickly, it felt almost like Tish was ironing out the knots as she focussed on the areas I had pain, particularly my shoulders and lower back.

I loved having the Pinda Sweda treatment, a homemade hot poultice made from rice and herbs, which Tish placed over the areas that had just been massaged, similar to hot stone massage which relaxed the muscles even more. Having the Shirodhara treatment with warm oil drizzled over the third eye was an amazing feeling and I felt as though my head had become separate from my body, such a soothing and calming experience. The Marma massage was also new to me and when Tish put pressure on certain points some of them were tender and I had a strange sensation, especially in my stomach area.

I was a bit light headed afterwards, and later that day, had a massive bowel movement which gave me huge relief. Having been in hospital for severe constipation and digestive issues last year, this felt like blockages had been released and since then my bowel movements have been easier and digestive issues settled. I have had many massages over the years’, and I can say with all honesty this is by far my best experience. After the second massage in early January, I felt a huge shift, emotionally, mentally and physically and simply feel more balanced, happier and calmer. My circulation has improved, my eating choices are better for me, with no cravings and I have lost over a stone. I'm now regularly enjoying walking, cycling on my exercise bike in addition to my regular dancing and have so much more energy.

I feel extremely comfortable talking to Tish, from the moment we met she made me feel very welcome and relaxed and I found it easy to discuss my problems with her. She is very caring and professional throughout the treatments and her calm nature made me feel at ease. Tish has obviously been trained by the best and her teachers must be very proud of what she has achieved! I am so lucky to have found her.

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