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The Body, Mind and Heart Connection

In Ayurveda the definition of health is all about the mind, heart and body connection. It is about having balanced doshas, balanced digestive fire, balanced tissues, balanced wastes, sensory and motor organs. When these are balanced, the mind and body are connected, for true health and happiness.

'Balance' is something I sought from a young age, but I didn't know how to find it. I believe that we are all seeking, whether it's the elusive 'work-life' balance, balancing caring for others v caring for ourselves or simply struggling to survive the daily challenges we are faced with. Nobody will ever be perfectly balanced but Ayurveda can teach us simple ways in which to get closer to achieving it. It is only possible with a real connection between our body, mind and heart - when we are listening to our intuition and doing what we know, deep down is right. When we are being our authentic selves.

That connection only possible if our continuous state of digestion is working properly. We get ill when any of these factors are imbalanced and we feel it in our skin, our bones and the rest of our bodies, whilst feeling heavy in our hearts and frustrated and angry in our minds. In times of ill health, it is hard to make this connection, and many women that I see, find it even more difficult during menopause. At this time our bodies are, in Ayurvedic terms, moving from the Pitta (16yrs to 50yrs) to Vata stage of life (50yrs +). There is often an internal battle going on, and over half of the women who seek help from Highland Ayurveda for their health issues, also experience mental, emotional and physical menopausal issues.

The good news is that it is treated in exactly the same way as any other illness: by identifying the imbalance and treating with opposing qualities, looking at diet, nutrition and lifestyle, with herbal oils and remedies to support you back to health and happiness. It's so wonderful to see so many women feeling like themselves again physically, mentally and emotionally. Take a look at the Mary's story - Patient of the Month for October. Amazing improvements in just 10wks here or swipe through to read other testimonials. If you would like a free, no obligation chat, click below and book in for a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION.

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